Yoorrook Justice Commission’s report – justice, politics and the uncomfortable truth The 4 September 2023 report by the Yoorrook Justice Commission (the Commission) on the history of engagement of first […]
Calls for a universal basic income (UBI) have been re-ignited following the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus. A number of trials or pilots have been implemented around the globe, […]
HSV Public Lecture by Glen McClure, Brosnan Youth Services, at Balwyn Library on 24 October 2013 Brosnan Services, a program of Jesuit Social Services, has been running a Youth Justice […]
HV supports Cultivating Community which helps disadvantaged communities create secure food systems and brings together survivors of domestic violence to cook, bake and talk together.
The Australian Government has proposed the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items,in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020, which “amends the Migration Act 1958 to: enable the minister to determine, by legislative instrument, […]