Boroondara municipal councillor challenged the practice of opening each meeting with a prayer to God. It was not council's job to advance the glory of the Almighty. It took almost three years to convince council to abandon the prayer.
It was in May 2021 when Councillor Victor Franco, who is a Humanist, lodged an objection to the long-standing practice in the City of Boroondara of commencing official Council meetings […]
The Conference was co-hosted by the NSW Teachers’ Federation and Michael began by reminiscing about his own education. I’m just back from Seoul, where I attended a human rights conference […]
On Monday 23 October 2023, the City of Boroondara Council voted, by 9 votes to 1, in favour of removing the prayer from the Council’s governance rules. There will be no more praying at the opening of Council meetings at Boroondara.
Secularists welcome the results of the Australian Census 2021, following a publicity campaign mounted by Humanists Victoria, in coalition with Humanists Australia, Atheist Foundation of Australia, National Secular Lobby, Rationalist […]