• Human beings are responsible for creating a better world. There is no evidence for a supernatural being or force to help us. • Lifelong learning is better than dogma. […]
We humans need stories to help us answer life’s ‘big questions’ – ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where did we come from?’ ‘Where are we going?’ and, importantly, ‘How should we live?’ […]
While completing Humanists UK’s six-week online course on ‘Introducing Humanism: Non-religious Approaches to Life’, I was given a challenging task. It was to consider the various definitions offered for ‘humanism’ […]
To see the Milky Way stretched across a clear night sky is awe-inspiring. Made even more so by knowledge of the vastness of the universe and the variety of ‘heavenly’ […]
Humans are social animals. We learn the cultural patterns of our society as we grow up. This begins as we learn a language, which helps us name the people, animals, […]