When Humanists describe their lifestance they need to place a central emphasise on an ethic of care towards Planet Earth – our home. While recognition of our dependence on and […]
Loss of biodiversity means the number of different species in a particular habitat has fallen. If the missing species still live elsewhere maybe they can be re-introduced. However, if a […]
Humanity faces a turbulent future. Human-caused global warming and climate change are considered by many to be the main issue that needs urgent attention. Others point to the potentially destabilising […]
Humanists were among those who marched for science, in Melbourne, on Saturday 22 April 2017. Humanists marching in support of science is a ‘no brainer’. We did this because we […]
Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. There is an opportunity to make a submission about the Climate Change Duty of Care Bill until 23 November 2023. Or sign a petition sponsored by the Climate Council.