Empowering young people and civil society organizations to resist misinformation and disinformation. Educational resources will be co-designed with youth, to prepare them for engaging with online content.
The theme for 2023 was Innovations: Powering Future Industries As Humanists we are keen to support scientific curiosity and critical thinking and were very pleased, once again, to sponsor bursaries […]
The Conference was co-hosted by the NSW Teachers’ Federation and Michael began by reminiscing about his own education. I’m just back from Seoul, where I attended a human rights conference […]
As humanists, we value rational thought and strive to live a moral and ethical life based on reason and free inquiry. In today’s world, since the exponential growth of the […]
Background Primary school students engaged in Practical Ethics classes may ask a variety of questions about the nature of humanism. Several of the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) were suggested by the […]