News – 18 August 2016 At the members’ discussion meeting on 10 July 2016 we outlined some of the issues entwined in this topic. It was a challenging discussion, so, […]
HSV Public Lecture by Steven Unthank and Lara Kaput (former Jehovah’s Witnesses) at Balwyn Library on 28 February 2019 Lara and Steven provided an update on their Supporting Survivors of […]
Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation: Impacts and implementation HSV Public Lecture by Mark Newstead, Treasurer/Board member, Dying With Dignity Victoria, at Balwyn Library on 23 May 2019 Dying with Dignity Victoria […]
Humanists Victoria Public Lecture by Professor Robert Sparrow, Monash University, at Balwyn Library on 24 October 2019 Within the broad scope of Professor Robert Sparrow’s philosophical interests, the ethical issues […]