Humanist Services

Humanist Services

Ex-Religious Support

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The Ex-Religious Support Network (ESN) provides an avenue for people who have left or are considering leaving their religion to develop friendships and tap into resources that will help them on their journey through a life without religion. We recognize that you may be experiencing anxiety from being separated from friends, colleagues and family. Deep questions may also arise for you about what you are to believe and trust in now that you have lost your religious scaffolding. You may also come to question the meaning and purpose of life. Our network offers an opportunity for you to share the challenges and triumphs of your journey towards unbelief. In this safe environment, you can learn and support others experiencing the same challenges as yourself. Find out more …

Humanist Civil Celebrants

Photo of Humanist Civil Celebrant Rosemary Salvaris conducting wedding ceremony

Humanist civil celebrants conduct a variety of ceremonies for the humanist-minded that are not religious in nature. Ceremonies that humanist celebrants officiate include weddings, funerals, baby namings, reaffirmation of marriage vows, coming of age ceremonies, divorce ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and milestone ceremonies. Marriage celebrants complete a government mandated training program before registering as an authorized Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant. The humanist civil celebrants featured will help you at all stages of your ceremony, from the initial design through to rehearsal and final staging of your important event. Find out more …