Humanist Projects

Humanists Victoria (HV) both initiates projects that will benefit society and collaborates with other like-minded organizations from time to time to pursue common goals.

Some projects advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged while others aim to improve human welfare where people are suffering needlessly. HV engages with civil society, advocating for progressive, democratic law reform.

An early pursuit was stemming the overreach of religious organizations into the secular realm, which has been particularly evident in religious education and pastoral care. HV has worked hard to develop education materials and methods that encourage students to question dogma. More recently, HV emphasizes Humanist ethics as the basis of social justice.

External Projects: Collaborations and Grants

Humanists Victoria interacts with various other bodies by contributing project funding and contributions in kind. We list those projects as ‘Collaborations’ if the contributions in kind are major, as ‘Grants’ if the contributions in kind are minor.

Grants. In 2021 HV entered into a partnership with Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) to dispense systematically some of its Special Projects funds to Humanist causes.

The Humanists Victoria Sub-fund was established with guidelines and announced its first competitive grants round in February 2022.

In a process of guided philanthropy, competitive grants for educational or social justice projects are awarded from the ACF Sub-fund that follow the Human Rights and Social Justice Grant Guidelines.

The aim is to help people develop an ethical and altruistic lifestyle and eliminate discrimination, appreciating secular Humanism as a valid and worthwhile world-view.

Humanists Victoria also makes direct grants for specific humanist purposes.


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