Events – Sunday 22 June, 1:30 pm

World Refugee Day

Humanists will be joining the Refugee Advocacy Network on Sunday 22 June from 1:30 pm at Melbourne City Square to demonstrate against Australia’s asylum-seeker policy, as follows.

  • Humane and dignified treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in accordance with our international obligations.
  • Allowing people who arrive by boat seeking asylum in Australia to live and work in the community while their claims are being processed, rather than being forcibly detained in Australia or sent overseas to Papua New Guinea, Nauru or other countries.
  • A system which provides permanent protection and does not discriminate against refugees on the basis of their documentation or means of arrival.
  • Saving lives at sea by providing fair and speedy assessment of asylum claims in Indonesia and Malaysia and the guaranteed, timely resettlement in Australia of those found to be refugees.
  • A much more generous approach to accepting refugees in accordance with the wealth of our country and for a country which welcomes refugees for their positive contribution to Australia’s economy, culture and society.
  • Australia’s current policies are violating human rights and are not in line with the United Nations Refugee Convention.

This March for Justice for Refugees is organised by the Refugee Advocacy Network, a broad coalition of faith-based groups, unions and community organisations. Want more info? Call 0409 352 673 or 0404 728 104.

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