The National Charter of Human Rights campaign

Humanists Victoria is wholeheartedly supporting the Human Rights Law Centre’s campaign for a National Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Australia is the only democracy that does not have such a charter – which is hard to believe.

The Human Rights Law Centre says, “Creating an Australian Charter of Human Rights & Freedoms will benefit the whole community. It will help prevent human rights violations, provide a powerful tool for challenging injustices and foster a culture of understanding and respecting human rights.”

To start, click here or below to check out the Factsheets showing the difference a Charter makes for young people, people with disability, and older persons. These were produced with support from the Australian Communities Foundation for Humanists Victoria and a range of partner organisations. They build on factsheets released last year on how a Charter helps people with education, health, and housing. 

This month the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Human Rights Framework , to which HV contributed, will deliver its report on the vital question of legislating a Human Rights Act, so there is likely to be plenty of opportunity for advocacy in the months ahead.

Human Rights Law Centre has the following plan for 2024

1. Public events unpacking how a Charter benefits everyone, and more opinion pieces in media publications.  

2. Escalate political engagement, including more meetings with politicians, and submissions to Parliamentary inquiries and government consultations. 

3. Increased social media content, backed up by more Charter factsheets to support the conversations that flow from sharing information about a Charter.