21 Jan 2024

The theme for 2023 was Innovations: Powering Future Industries

As Humanists we are keen to support scientific curiosity and critical thinking and were very pleased, once again, to sponsor bursaries for primary and secondary students in the recent Science Talent Search. The Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria selected the following projects. Congratulations to all who submitted.

Several students subsequently wrote to thank us, saying………….”Thank you for continuing your activism for human rights and sponsoring the Science Talent Search. It was a phenomenal experience..” N,S……………..”Thank you…your invaluable support encourages me to continue embarking (on) my science journey.”L

Primary school students

Caleb Yong (Balwyn Primary) ‘Robots Saving Lives’. Video Productions.

Sherwood Au (Camberwell Grammar) ‘Stem to Help Humans’. Working models

Patrick Waide-hee (Camberwell Grammar) ‘A Possible Future’. Computer Programs

Jai Nadarajah (Camberwell Grammar) ‘Alexa or Siri’. Experimental research.

Tobias Mitchell (Camberwell Grammar) ‘How Dark factories Work’. Video Productions.

Francesca Murphy (Eltham East Primary) ‘Robots Saving Lives. Posters Scientific Wall Charts.

Elliana Higgins (Essendon North Primary) ‘Innovations For A Sustainable Future’. Posters.

Lana Belal & Matilda Yan (Essex Heights Primary) ‘Robots Saving Lives’. Posters.

Ryan Xie (Eltham East Primary) ‘Robots Saving Lives’. Posters.

Nicholas Chandler (Heathmont East Primary) ‘Robots Saving Lives’. Posters.

Hailey Tan (Huntingtower School) ‘Rip Currents’. Science Photography.

Madeleine Chai (Northside Christian College) ‘Robots Saving lives’. Posters

Anaia Bright (Northside Christian College) ‘Innovations For A Sustainable Future’. Posters.

Niamh Keogh & Sasha Fujiwara (Rosanna Golf Links) ‘Hearing loss: How It Impacts Life’. Video.

Tristan Nie (Scotch College) ‘’Innovations For A Sustainable Future’. Posters.

Shray Sahni (Scotch College) ‘Making An Eco-friendly Cricket Ball’. Posters

Jenny Wu (Serpell Primary) ‘Robots saving Lives’ Posters.

Lucia Wewer (Shelford Girls’ Grammar) ‘Should We Put People on Mars to live?’ Computer Programs.

Maya Vijayakumar (Shelford Girls’ Grammar)

Secondary school students

Vienna Sood (Fintona Girls School)’Can Colour Affect Puzzle Performance?’ Experimental Research.

Kean Pan (Kennedy College) ‘Patterns In Nature’. Science Photography.

Angelina Zhang (Kilvington Grammar School). ‘Refection And Refraction’. Science Photography.

Angus Buchan (Marcellin College) ‘Science of Long Distance Running’. Photography.

Ally Young & Scarlet Culliver (Melbourne Girls Grammar – Merton Hall) ‘Medicinal Memoires’. Computer Programs.

Sophie Shing & Skye Mccowan (Mentone Grammar) ‘Ai In The Workplaces’. Posters.

Livia (sum Yi) Wong (Presbyterian Ladies College) ‘Survival: fighting Extinction’. Games.

Kelly Li (Presbyterian Ladies College) ‘The Tragedy Of Deforestation’ Video productions.

Maithri Fonseka (Presbyterian Ladies College) ‘Grocery Goals’. Computer Programs.

Sophia Hilton & Maisie Roberts (Santa Marua College) ‘Pengu travels’ Video Productions.

Anushka Ganesh (Shelford Girls’ Grammar) ‘Ai Innovations – Energy For Future Generations’. Posters.

Armaan & Arnav Ampani (St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar). ‘Ai’s Rise: Impact On The Modern Workplace.’ Posters.

Cartier Stevanov (Peninsula Grammar) ‘Innovations For A Sustainable Future. Posters.

Charlie Pringle & Matthew Nguyen ( Waverley Christian College) ‘Investigating How different Colours Of Drinks Affect The Way Flavour is Perceived’. Experimental Research.