By | 26 Jun 2024
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L to R: Gus Robinson and Freja Leonard, Friends of the Earth and Jennie Stuart, President, Humanists Victoria who funded the Report

The Saving Rental Energy Report discusses the issues renters face in managing their energy demands and offers policy advice for state and federal governments to help improve the comfort and affordability of rentals. It also has tips and tricks for renters to beat the heat (or chill) without breaking their bond or budget.

About a third of the gas used domestically in Australia is used in Victoria, and of that about half is burned on heating buildings, many of which are inefficient. And rental homes are some of the least efficient buildings we have.

Almost a third of homes across the state are rentals, providing housing for some of the lowest income householders in Victoria. This is a problem for public health, the financial wellbeing of renters stuck with higher than average costs for heating and cooling inefficient buildings and, of course, the climate.

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Better still, make a submission to the Inquiry into Minimum Rental Standards before 5 pm Monday 1 July 2024

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