Review of Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017

By | 4 Feb 2024

After five years a Review of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 in Victoria has been announced. The closing date for submissions is Friday 23 February 2024.

Do you know anyone who has been involved and would like to see the process improved?

Victoria led the way in Australia for reform in this area, after a long campaign. All States have now enacted legislation for voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and the ACT parliament will consider the issue shortly.

The review by the Department of Health’s Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence (CERE) will be confined to the way the Act has been operating over the past five years. It will NOT be considering changes to the legislation itself, such as broadening the diagnostic criteria for inclusion.

More information about the Review is available here , including how to make a submission.

Please consider sharing your experience or your viewpoint. Humanists Victoria would like to make a submission to this important Review, and it would be valuable to hear from anyone who has had real-life experience of VAD in Victoria since the law was enacted.

Although VAD has provided comfort and reassurance to many people in their last days, there have been many criticisms about the current Act and personal experience is a powerful tool in advocating for change.

We would like to hear how workable and compassionate the process was for your friend or family member, and where improvements could be made in your opinion.

Personal experience can be a powerful tool when change is needed.

Please contact Jennie Stuart

Please get in touch by e-mail.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 23 February 2024.