Media Release 2 March 2022 – Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

MEDIA RELEASE – 2 March 2022

Like most Australians, we, the members and supporters of the groups listed below, express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine at this critical time.

We consider the action taken by the Russian president to invade Ukraine contrary to the principles of peaceful co-existence and respect for the rule of international law. It can only lead to the inhumane and wasteful loss of life, dislocation of families and friends, suffering of the innocent and feelings of shame by those who do not agree with their aggressive leaders.

We hold that this life on earth is the only life we have. What we do with our one life, the way we choose to live it, is up to us. As humans, we have a responsibility to care about and for each other and for other sentient creatures and the earth we all inhabit.

Those who deliberately choose to unleash death and destruction should be condemned. We believe it is right and just for peace-loving people around the world to do all they can to support the people of Ukraine to defend their homeland and to continue their fight for a free and truly democratic government.

We urge the Australian government and the people of Australia to assist the people of Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis, including through robust diplomacy, generous support for refugees and the opening of our borders to Ukrainians seeking asylum.

We encourage our members and supporters to give generously to charities that support the refugees. For example:

May humanity and democracy prevail.


Rationalist Society of Australia
Progressive Atheists
Humanists Victoria
Secular Association of NSW
Sydney Atheists