11 Dec 2023

HV gave a philanthropic grant this year to 3CR Community Radio for a series of podcasts, called Untold Stories of Injustice.

Using personal stories five women who have previously been in prison have trained at 3 CR to make podcasts. They will interview others with a lived experience of the justice system, particularly women, to look at issues such as sexual harm and violence, factors assisting recovery, and the barriers to justice at a political and legislative level. Stay tuned – the series will launch early in 2024.

This project is also linked to the Beyond the Bars program. When this year’s CD was launched at Dardi Munwurro, there were some heartening firsthand accounts of what had enabled some inmates to turn a corner after years of institutionalisation. For some that journey had started in childhood.

The TORCH was mentioned several times. It encourages inmates to paint, and provides an avenue for sale of their artwork. As a result, when they are released they have money to help support themselves.

The TORCH states that the main aim is ‘to reduce the rate of reoffending by encouraging the exploration of identity and culture through art.’  And they are succeeding.