Leo Igwe in Melbourne

Photo of Leo IgweThe HSV Public Lecture on 27 August, 2011 was organized in conjunction with the Victorian Skeptics, who have supplied the following report.

The Leo Igwe Tour – a Brief Report. Leo gave his two advertised public lectures in Melbourne on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th August, 2011. Those who heard him were impressed by his passion and humanity. Leo is doing heroic humanitarian work in a situation where established religions are either silent or part of the problem. As such, he’s a role model for Skeptics.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on seeing Leo in person or hearing the excellent interview with Lindy Burns, a podcast is still available of Phillip Adams’ Late Night Live  interview of 23rd August. There’s also a lengthy interview of Leo by our own Skeptic, Ben Finney, on 3RRR. You can support Leo’s work on-line with a donation to Stepping Stones Nigeria.- SS

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