Appendix III

Aims and purposes when the Society was formed. 

The Humanist Society of Victoria was founded in 1961 as a voluntary non-profit organization to foster a scientific and ethical approach to human problems.

Humanism is an attitude to life which:

– considers that man must endeavour to solve his own problems without reference to supernatural forces

– maintain that the purpose of education is to teach the ability to think independently, free from indoctrination

– considers ethics and morality independent of religious belief

Humanists work for evolutionary advancement by initiating changes in the legislation for:

– population and birth control

– adequate care for the disadvantaged

– euthanasia in its dictionary meaning (gentle and easy death)

– environmental protection

– secular education

– penal reform

– divorce law reform

– abortion law reform

– equality of the sexes

– right to privacy

– freedom of expression

– international friendship and peace

– qualifications for the adoption of children to be based on ethics instead of religion

– abolition of racial discrimination

– homosexual law reform

– abolition of political imprisonment

Note the number of objectives that have passed into law, are the subject of ongoing legislative action and for which special interest groups were formed by members of the Society

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