What Is Humanism?

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Humanism is a way of life that values human flourishing, freedom and the pursuit of knowledge. Humanists accept that we are responsible for our own futures and that this life is the only life we have. It is up to all of us to make the most of it and to help others do the same. Humanists inspire us to use our power of reason and our natural feeling of compassion to help create a better world in which each of us can reach our full potential. More …

About Humanists Victoria

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Humanists Victoria is part of a national and international humanist movement that strives for a world in which all individuals can attain their full potential. We do this through promoting an ethical, reasoned and compassionate approach to life. Humanists Victoria is actively engaged in the community through a variety of projects aimed at alleviating suffering and maximizing personal autonomy and responsibility. More …

What We Do

Photo taken at Humanist Society of Victoria Monthly Public Lecture on 28 March 2019 at Kew Seniors Centre - Fiona Patten (leader of Reason Party) on 'Secularism, Humanism and Political Engagement'
Our activities include running monthly public lectures and member discussion groups on topical issues of the day. The social events and new members’ nights we run are always popular. Our current projects include a support network for people leaving their religion and secular spiritual care to the non-religious. We also write formal submissions to government and canvass politicians on humanist issues. And much more …

Get Involved

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To help us create a better world for all, we are calling for your active involvement. Start by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Help us work on one of our humanist projects or run a members’ gathering in your locality. Write informative articles for our newsletter and web site and contribute to submissions to government. Join our committee and help steer our future direction. And more …

Upcoming Events/Lectures

Visit our events page to view details of upcoming events.