HV public presentation on line Collin Acton OAM is the former Principal Chaplain and Director-General of Chaplaincy in the Royal Australian Navy. He was instrumental in introducing secular wellbeing officers into the Navy’s Chaplaincy Branch in 2020. He has since been outspoken in calling for secular reform of the Australian Defence Force’s wellbeing capability to […]
Humanists Victoria Public Presentation, online Associate Professor Adrian Dyer (Monash University) Studies show that insect pollination is responsible for over 33% of food production globally. But climate change is drastically affecting insect populations. Adrian compares the physiology of different animals to show how their visual capabilities have evolved in relation to their environment, and how […]
Whistleblowers play a critical role in protecting human rights and upholding democratic accountability in our country. But right now, ineffective protections, legal uncertainty and insufficient practical support are discouraging them from speaking up.
Humanists rely on reason – often using scientific and empirical approaches – to understand and make sense of the world. However, we often think that we are being rational when in fact we are not.