The Problem of Evil (Progressive Atheists Lecture)

Online via Zoom

Humanists Victoria past Vice President, Les Allan, is speaking at an online Zoom session on Monday on how the problem of evil presents an intractable barrier to belief in a perfect deity.  This event is hosted by Progressive Atheists Inc. To join, visit the event page on Facebook.

Climate Emergency: Facing Extinction and What to Do About It

Online via Zoom

Jane Morton As the earth heats up and tipping points pass, scientists are warning we risk the collapse of ecosystems and the deaths of billions of people. But our political system is broken, the mainstream media are not fully informing us about the dangers we face and our leaders are failing to protect us. It’s […]

Climate Anxiety – Coping Together

Online via Zoom

As both our daily lives and the natural environment radically change what can Humanism offer? We will briefly clarify the history and meaning of humanism. Then the main focus of the event will be to discuss its relevance and connection to climate change, the anxiety that this can raise and explore how current times might […]

Is Morality Subjective or Objective? – Part 2 of 2

Online via Zoom

Subjectivists about morality say that all of our moral judgments are about nothing more than our personal preferences. Objectivists, on the other hand, claim that our moral valuations are based on a human-independent realm of moral facts. Is there a way to reconcile these two opposing views? In this second part of a two-part series, […]

Ethics, Peace and Folly… Occam’s Razor and the New “Swiss Army Knife”

Online via Zoom

Philip Wollen OAM Philip examines the challenges facing the environment and the existential threats to human and non-human survival. He draws on Economics, Environmental Science, Ethics, Human Rights, Theology, Law, Philosophy and Literature, concluding with a call on our Conscience, Character and Compassion for an “Ahimsan” (Non-Violent) world. Bio: Philip Wollen OAM, Australian of the […]


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all events and lectures will be held online until it is safe for us to resume in-person gatherings.