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Ex-Religious Support Network (ESN)

Online via Zoom

Casual ESN Get-together on Zoom (online) Have you left or are thinking about leaving your religion? Coping with loss of belief, family and friends can be hard. If you need a friendly face or can provide a friendly ear, join Humanists Victoria for our next Ex-Religious Support Network meetup on Zoom. Pour yourself a coffee […]

The Good Life: Different Perspectives (Philosophy Matters)

Online via Zoom

We all want our lives to actualise some conception of "The Good Life" where this notion will generally include fulfilment, happiness or wellbeing for ourselves, our family, friends and other people. In addition, for many, to live the good life also entails living with concern for both self and others based on moral and practical […]

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all events and lectures will be held online until it is safe for us to resume in-person gatherings.