Ex-Religious Support Network

On line via Zoom

Religious Trauma: The Eternal Sin (on line via Zoom) In this series of sessions, professional counsellor Caroline Winzenried delves deeper into various aspects of religious trauma. In this session, she explores the concept of "sin" as it is ever-present in many faiths. The emphasis placed on sin and the dire nature of its consequences can plant […]

Darwin Day

Studley Park, Kew Boathouse Road, Kew, VIC

Charles Darwin (1809–82) was the founder of modern biology. It has been a Humanist tradition for several decades to celebrate his birthday in time-honoured Aussie style – a great opportunity to meet old friends and make some new ones. All Humanist members and friends are invited to join with other like-minded free-thinkers at a BYO […]

Philosophy Matters


Effective Altruism: Combining Reason and Altruism (on line via Zoom) Effective Altruism (EA) is a new movement around the not so new idea of combining evidence and reasons with charity and altruism. It focuses on using our limited time and resources to do as much good as we can. Michael Dello-Iacovo will introduce some of […]

Ex-Religious Support Network

On line via Zoom

Ask Me Any Question: Humanist (on line via Zoom) In this series, we explore what it's like to think and walk in someone else's shoes. You've given up on your mission of pleasing the divine being/s and saving others. So, what do you believe now, how do you live and what do you care about? […]

Conservation in a rapidly changing world

Balwyn Library Meeting Room 336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Victoria

HV Public Presentation Commemorating Charles Darwin's birthday Conservation in a rapidly changing world: accelerating the evolution of our habitats Dr Rebecca Spindler earned her PhD on marsupial reproduction at the University of Melbourne. She expanded her conservation work at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, also studying the giant panda in China. Then, after a period […]