Lunch at Shoppingtown Hotel Doncaster

Shoppingtown Hotel 19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

Join us for a festive lunch on Sunday Shoppingtown Hotel, 19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster Bring a joke - an old Humanist tradition - or a friend There will be a quiz - a short one -  and a prize. RSVP would be helpful. Contact Ros Ives, 03 9857 9717.

Philosophy Matters – No System for Love


A Philosophical Reflection on Neilsen Chapman's Song, 'No System for Love' (On Zoom) Humanists Victoria is sponsoring the next Philosophy Matters Meetup in which we'll be exploring what world-renowned singer and songwriter Beth Neilsen Chapman means by a 'system for love'. We'll be discussing the philosophical implications of her message for how we manage our […]

Ex-Religious Support Network


Casual ESN Get-together on Zoom Have you left or are you thinking about leaving your religion? Coping with loss of belief, family and friends can be hard. If you need a friendly face or can provide a receptive ear, join Humanists Victoria on line for our first Ex-Religious Support Network meetup for the year. Pour […]