Politics, History and Human Nature (Philosophy Matters)

On line via Zoom

Political ideologies are rooted in a conception of history and human nature. Your view of the past and your conception of human nature will largely determine your political outlook. In this talk, we will explore how various ideologies – such as liberalism, nazism and feminism – have competing views of the past and human nature. […]

Ex-Religious Support Network


Casual Get-together at Café Saturday 14 August 2021, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Join our Ex-Religious Support Network as we celebrate our second face-to-face get-together since the COVID-19 lockdowns. We'll be meeting at a quiet café close to public transport. Come with your stories, questions and cheer as you meet old friends and make new […]

Monash Humanists

Madeline's at Jell Jells Park, Wheelers Hill

A get-together over lunch in the Monash municipality to discuss topics of concern to humanists and to socialise as well. Contact: John Anderson on 04 4903 1855.