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March for Science in Melbourne, Australia, on 22nd April, 2017, on the steps of the State Library in Swanston StreetWelcome to the Humanist Society of Victoria events portal. In our effort to help create a better society, Humanists get actively engaged in social and political action. We liaise and work co-operatively with many kindred organizations. In this section, you can find upcoming events on a range of issues directly and indirectly related to the humanist cause.

The Humanist Society of Victoria also conducts monthly public lectures on a variety of topics and monthly member discussion meetings. The discussions start at 11:00 am on the second Sunday of each month and are held in Hawthorn East, Victoria.

For an introduction, contact Stephen Stuart on (03) 9857 8318 or at info@vichumanist.org.au

Philosophy Matters: Problem of Evil: Part 2 of 3 (Character Building)

Wednesday 21 August 2019, 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Philosophy Matters logo

Ashburton Library, 154 High Street, Ashburton
Does the existence of evil, pain and suffering pose a serious objection to the belief that God exists? Is there a reason for why an all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful divine being would allow such suffering? In this second talk in this series on the philosophical Problem of Evil, Leslie Allan will review just such a reason that is commonly offered by theists. This popular defence is that the existence of pain and suffering is necessary for the development of good moral characters and the performance of virtuous acts, such as bravery and charity. What do you think of this defence? Can it overcome objections? Come to this Meetup and share your views. Read Event Details …

Humanists at Hurstbridge Wattle Festival

Sunday 25 August 2019, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wattle Festival Logo

Main Road, Hurstbridge, Stall 13A
Humanists Victoria is hosting a stall at the 2019 Hurstbridge Wattle Festival. You can find us at stall 13A – in front of Hurstbridge Primary School, right next to the school sign. Please come along to support us and have a chat! If you’re also looking for a fun day out, this annual festival is worth a visit. It hosts an impressive array of all kinds of stalls, and there are events and activities for the whole family. Activities include steam train and double-decker bus rides, music, art exhibitions and animal nursery. Get Map and Program …

Thriving After Leaving Cult Life Behind

Thursday 12 September 2019, 6:30 am to 8:30 pm

Photo of Claire Ashman

Melbourne, Victoria
For this month’s Ex-Religious Support Network (ESN) event, we are sharing a meal with our special guest down from Queensland, Claire Ashman. Claire will share her story of how she walked away from over 30 years of religious indoctrination, including a decade spent in a cult. After challenging the leaders’ authority, Claire and her family were evicted from the cult. Claire also describes the challenges of living and navigating her way in a world she barely knew whilst being a solo parent of her eight young children. She went on to write a book about her experiences living in a cult, ‘Lessons from a Cult Survivor. Come and hear Claire’s story, join the conversation and enjoy a hearty pub meal. ESN is a private Meetup group. Join ESN Meetup group to see the venue details.

Philosophy Matters: Problem of Evil: Part 3 of 3 (Skeptical Theism)

Thursday 3 October, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Philosophy Matters logo

Phyllis Hore Room, Kew Library, cnr Cotham Road/Civic Drive, Kew
The existence of evil, pain and suffering poses a very thorny problem for people who believe that an all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful divine being watches over us. Many philosophers and theologians have offered reasons for why a God would allow suffering. But such reasons have not proved convincing. A way out of the need to even provide a reason is to say that human beings do not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the reason, even if it was disclosed. Is this strategy successful? In this final part of this series on the Problem of Evil, Leslie Allan will consider whether the Skeptical Theists’ attempt to avoid the problem of evil only creates even bigger problems and paradoxes. Read Event Details …

Religious Rites and Wrongs

Sunday 20 October 2019, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Photo of Geoff Allshorn

Melbourne, Victoria
Geoff Allshorn is our guest for this Ex-Religious Support Network (ESN) event. Geoff has spent many years confronting religious-based injustice, including gay conversion therapy and employment discrimination, marriage inequality and ‘religious rights’ —and today he remains concerned about religious privilege within LGBTI communities. Having been an atheist now for just over half of his lifetime, he hopes that his experiences as a long-term ex-religious survivor may assist others to also work through any unresolved issues of religious indoctrination and oppression.

Bio: Geoff Allshorn is a former Christian, a long-time human rights and LGBTQIA+ activist, a humanist, and the co-convenor of the Rainbow Atheists Facebook and MeetUp groups.

ESN is a private Meetup group. Join ESN Meetup group to see the venue details.

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