Jennifer Mills - President

Also known as Jennie Stuart, she has been a Humanist for more than 20 years and is a retired doctor interested in climate action and social justice.

Robert Bender - Treasurer

Robert spent a large part of his working life teaching accountancy. In 2019 he was awarded an OAM, in recognition of his tireless efforts in the field of conservation, as well as his contribution to adoption law reform.

Rosslyn Ives - Vice-President

Ros taught biology and general science as a secondary school teacher. She is editor of the Victorian Humanist. She embraced an ethical, considered approach to living, in ways that did not involve any commitment to religion as a teenager.

Keiran Ryan

Keiran studied Social Work at Melbourne University. He has worked in community health and various recreational management positions in government. He also worked on a Pastoral Care project sponsored by HV and is a much-travelled cyclist.

Jim Crosthwaite

Jim trained as an economist, taught at Swinburne, worked in statistics, followed by biodiversity conservation. He now teaches Alexander Technique. He is co-founder of both Journeys for Climate Justice and the New International Bookshop Cooperative.


Rosemary Watson

Photo of Stephen Stuart

Stephen Stuart

Stephen is a retired scientist who has worked in HV for more than 20 years, including several projects related to religion in schools. He believes that Humanism can resolve most sectarian disputes.