Humanists Victoria congratulates its member Jason David Ball on his award of the Medal of the Order of Australia, for service to the community thru social inclusion initiatives.
It was in May 2021 when Councillor Victor Franco, who is a Humanist, lodged an objection to the long-standing practice in the City of Boroondara of commencing official Council meetings […]
Cultivating Community Cultivating Community (CC) aims to help disadvantaged communities create secure food systems. With its community garden and outdoor bakery unit, CC will, in conjunction with partners at Community […]
A media capacity-building project for Homes Not Prisons Community Radio 3CR This is a skill-building and social change project, developed in partnership with the Homes Not Prisons campaign and others. […]
Integrated case-management support for criminalised women Law & Advocacy Centre for Women This project aims to create pathways out of the justice system for socially and economically disadvantaged or vulnerable […]