It was in May 2021 when Councillor Victor Franco, who is a Humanist, lodged an objection to the long-standing practice in the City of Boroondara of commencing official Council meetings […]
Cultivating Community Cultivating Community (CC) aims to help disadvantaged communities create secure food systems. With its community garden and outdoor bakery unit, CC will, in conjunction with partners at Community […]
A media capacity-building project for Homes Not Prisons Community Radio 3CR This is a skill-building and social change project, developed in partnership with the Homes Not Prisons campaign and others. […]
Integrated case-management support for criminalised women Law & Advocacy Centre for Women This project aims to create pathways out of the justice system for socially and economically disadvantaged or vulnerable […]
– Including marginalised communities This continues the work supported by Humanists Victoria last year. The inadequate legal protection of human rights in Australia contributes to inequality and disadvantage, which disproportionately […]