We humans need stories to help us answer life’s ‘big questions’ – ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where did we come from?’ ‘Where are we going?’ and, importantly, ‘How should we live?’ […]
When Humanists describe their lifestance they need to place a central emphasise on an ethic of care towards Planet Earth – our home. While recognition of our dependence on and […]
In trying to make sense of the recent massacre in Christchurch, a talk given by Phillip Adams titled ‘We’re losing the battles, can we win the war?’ [Australian Humanist No. […]
Loss of biodiversity means the number of different species in a particular habitat has fallen. If the missing species still live elsewhere maybe they can be re-introduced. However, if a […]
Each year on 12 February, Humanists and kindred freethinkers celebrate International Darwin Day. We do this in recognition of the paradigm changing contribution Charles Darwin (1809–82) made to human knowledge […]