In May 2024 the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights recommended, by a majority, that Australia introduce a Human Rights Act. It is now up to the Government to take […]
Awards are given for a significant contribution to humanism, secular campaigns or helping to build a better society, relying on reason, ingenuity, creativity and compassion. Can you think of someone whom you would like to nominate for one of these awards? Nominations close on 14 April 2024.
On Sunday 24 March 2024 stand with us as Humanists Victoria and other concerned groups call for justice for refugees.
We know that a Charter of Human Rights would help ensure that the values we all share – like fairness, respect, dignity and compassion – guide the decisions and actions […]
After five years a Review of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 in Victoria has been announced. The closing date for submissions is Friday 23 February 2024. Do you know […]