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Australian Humanist of the Year (AHoY)


Beginning in 1983, the Humanist movement in Australia has annually selected an Australian Humanist of the Year (AHoY). This award is given to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to public life, consistent with humanist principles and values. The annual AHoY Award assists in raising the profile of humanism in Australia by increasing public awareness of humanist values and activities.






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Young Australian Humanist of the Year (YAHoY)






























































Photo of Jason Ball receiving Young Australian Humanist of the Year 2016 award from Julian Burnside






























YAHoY 2016: Jason Ball

 In 2016, the humanist movement in Australia bestowed for the first time a Young Australian Humanist of the Year (YAHoY) award. To be nominated for the Award, the person must display a reasoned and compassionate approach to human affairs, have actively promoted humanist values and be no more than 30 years of age.































The inaugural recipient of the YAHoY award in 2016 was Jason Ball. This honour was in recognition of his activism in atheist and freethought student groups and for his tireless efforts in tackling homophobia in sport. View Jason Ball’s address to the Australian Humanist Convention on Sunday 29 May 2016.






























































Outstanding Humanist Achiever (OHA)

From the year 2000, the Outstanding Humanist Achiever (OHA) award honours humanist activists who have made a substantial contribution to furthering humanism. In contrast to the Australian Humanist of the Year (AHoY) Award, recipients are not necessarily well-known public figures.  































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