By | 24 Sep 2021

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The Ethics Centre is ready to help if you are grappling with an ethical dilemma.

(The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin)

When the Ethics Centre was opened In Sydney thirty years ago by  philosopher Simon Longstaff  it was called the St james Ethics Centre. Since then, it has grown and diversified. It offers counselling through Ethi-call, ethics courses, debates, ethics education for primary school children and ethical support for business and the finance industry.

Ethi-call is a confidential, free, national online counselling service which is open to everyone. Each session lasts an hour and, if needed, a further booking can be made.  The aim is not to offer advice but rather to explore the situation, understand who is affected and what issues are important.  It is an open-ended dialogue that is culturally-sensitive, and takes into account values that are important for the individual. The counsellors are highly trained and supervised.

The lockdowns caused by the spread of COVID-19 have not only generated many predicaments but also restricted the ways that friends, colleagues and family members usually support each other.

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