Are You a Humanist? See if You Agree

By | 1 Jan 2023

• Human beings are responsible for creating a better world. There is no evidence for a supernatural being or force to help us.

• Lifelong learning is better than dogma.

• Ethics should be based on human rights, compassion, respect, tolerance, equity, democracy and evidence, rather than faith, dogma or scriptures.

• A fulfilling, ethical and happy life is possible without religion.

• Schools should teach how to think, not what to think.

• Teaching of comparative religions, philosophy and cultures in schools is very beneficial, but should be taught by qualified teachers rather than by representatives of any particular religion.

• Public funds should not be used to pay for religious instruction and chaplains in schools. Professional counsellors should be available to students.

• There should be no tax breaks on the basis of religion.

• We are part of nature and need to respect and care for the natural world. Conserving the habitat of all species is central to a sustainable future.

• Respectful dialogue and co-operation with people of diverse convictions are enriching and stimulating and always better than violence.

Prepared by Rudi Anders

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