HSV Submissions Archive 1970 to 1979

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Parliament House in Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryThe Humanist Society of Victoria (HSV) regularly makes submissions to various responsible bodies, including Senate Committees, Royal Commissions and Government policy reviews. HSV also communicates humanist concerns to politicians of all political persuasions. The content of these communications is formulated by the members at specially convened discussion meetings. This advocacy forms an important part of the work of HSV in disseminating and promoting the humanist view in ethics and religion. Through these representations, HSV is making valuable contributions to civil society.

In the list of submissions below, the titles of a series of submissions on a single issue are appended (1), (2), (3), etc. Access a short note on a submission by clicking on the note number in [square] brackets.
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Year Title Recipient Jurisdiction
1974 Russell Report Detailed Criticism View PDF … Minister for Education VIC
Representation on Religious Education, 1972–74 View Submission … Public statement VIC
1973 Religious Instruction in Victorian State Schools View Submission … Committee on Religious Education VIC