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Since 2019, Humanists Victoria has been supporting the Kasese Humanist School in Uganda.

The Kasese Humanist School was founded in Uganda in 2011 and is managed by the Kasese United Humanist Association.

It is a secular school consisting of three campuses and open to boys and girls aged between 3 and 14. It welcomes children from both religious belief and non-belief systems. The school embraces Humanist values and delivers a Uganda Nursery and Primary School Curriculum.

Optional subjects taught are Humanism, vocational skills and computer lessons. Clubs at the school include Freethinkers club, Volley ball, Football, Netball, Debate club, Music dance and drama club, and Red Cross club.

The school provides boarding facilities to a limited number of pupils.

It strongly supports the education of young girls and runs a Child Sponsorship Program where needy, bright and disadvantaged vulnerable children get assistance.

Phiona Ngabirwe, head teacher of girls at the school, says:

Uganda is a religious country. We are few people who have come out and become non-religious. And most people here are very poor. They can’t even afford to feed their families. And in my area parents do not consider girl’s education. They think if you educate a girl you will have wasted money. They will need them today to get married at an early age and get a bride price. That is why I came out to help girls and young mothers to learn skills and getting education.”