Friends of Treaty for Victoria

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In 2019 thirty-two Traditional Owners of Country were elected by their communities to form the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

In the middle of last year the Assembly reached an agreement with the Victorian Government about a framework for treaty negotiations. A series of Traditional Owner Treaties are planned, as well as a Statewide Treaty with the Government. This will help Aboriginal communities to develop and deliver practical solutions at a local level.

There are several main goals within the framework at this stage: firstly to find a process and a timetable for transferring decision-making powers about Aboriginal matters from the Government to the Assembly; a possible expansion of the role for the Assembly to provide advice to government about issues affecting First Peoples; to find a way of ensuring that culture and language is recognised and respected; exploring ways to implement key recommendations from the Yoorrook Justice Commission’s truth-telling process.

Negotiations are due to start later this year and the Assembly is inviting all Victorians to walk with them to make this vision a reality.

Humanists Victoria is committed to sharing the journey towards Treaty.