Events 2017 – Australian Humanist Convention

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Events – Friday 7 April to Sunday 9 April 2017

Australian Humanist Convention 2017

Council of Australian Humanist Societies Annual Convention 2017 banner
The Humanist Society of Victoria is hosting the 52nd Annual Convention of the Council of Australian Humanist Societies.

Where: Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne, Victoria
When: Friday 7 April to Sunday 9 April 2017

The theme of this year’s convention is Ethics in an Uncertain World. Convention speakers and delegates will be confronting the most pressing issues facing society today and discussing how Humanists can help to shape a better future for all.

With tickets for a single day starting from $50 and for the full convention from $150, the weekend promises to be educational, motivational and fun for all who attend. To reserve your tickets, visit the CAHS Convention portal.

Here is the current plan of the program.

FRIDAY 1400–1700 Annual General Meeting, CAHS

Scott Sharrad

  1800–1830 Convention registration
  1830–1930 Reception
  1930–2030 Public ethics in the Trump era

Peter Singer: Keynote

  2030–2130 Humanism & the Anthropocene

Clive Hamilton

Katerina Gaita

  2130–2200 Book signings
SATURDAY 0900–0930 Registration
  0930–0945 Introductions
  0945–1045 Humanism, the individual & society

A C Grayling: Keynote

  1045–1115 Refreshments
  1115–1230 Humanism in Victorian schools

Humanist ethics in primary schools

Joanne Roberts

World-views in the school curriculum

Monica Bini

Interbelief presentations in schools

Meredith Doig

Forum: Advocacy and ethics

Ian Storey (Progressive Atheists)

Alice Carr

Matt Awad

Ali Sayed

  1230–1330 Lunch in hotel café
  1330–1445 Workshop: Xenophobia & nationalisms

A C Grayling

Tim Soutphommasane

Workshop: Engaging kids in ethical inquiry (30 seats)

Philip Cam

  1445–1515 Refreshments
  1455–1515 Book signings
  1515–1630 Humanism in action

Secularism, diversity and university chaplaincy

Geoffrey Ballard

Humanist community workers: a project for Australian Humanism

Lyndon Storey

Teaching of ethics

Douglas McCarty

Forum: Genital autonomy, Humanism & human rights

Meredith Doig (Rationalist Society)

Jonathan Meddings

Travis Wisdom

  1900–2200 Presentation dinner

Australian Humanist of the Year 2017

Rodney Syme

SUNDAY 0900–0930 Registration
  0930–1045 PathWays interbelief demonstration

David Mould

Audience interactive forum: How to make Humanism relevant today

Tanya Watkins

Forum: The future of humanity matters

Adam Ford (Science Future)

A C Grayling

  1045–1115 Refreshments
  1115–1245 A naturalistic worldview

James Fodor

Time to die

Rodney Syme

Immigration detention, Australia’s response to a humanitarian problem

Pauline Brown

Breaking the stalemate in refugee policy

Kevin Bain

  1245-1300 Close of meeting
  1300–1315 Book signing
  1400–1600 Walk for Justice for Refugees, Swanston Street