Bizoha Women Empowerment Group

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Since 2019 Humanists Victoria has been making regular donations to support the Bizoha Women Empowerment Group, a humanist women’s support group in Uganda.

The group was founded in 2017 by Phionah Ngabirwe as the chairperson with 12 inaugural members. Due to an increase in early pregnancies and forced marriages, the group is now 32 young mothers.

In this young mothers’ group, they learn skills like sewing, farming, catering and many other projects they work on. The group gets loans from some organizations to help mothers help their families. Loans have allowed the group to buy some pigs and a small piece of land to graze them and to plant crops. Every month, the group sells one pig to help many women afford school fees for their children and to help their families.

Visit their Facebook page for updates about their activities.

The following key sections of the Bizoha Women Empowerment Group Constitution articulate the governance, purpose and objectives of the group:

  • BIZOHA WOMEN EMPOWERMENT GROUP shall be registered as a community based organization non government and non governmental organisation.
  • BIZOHA is humanist (humanism) women organization advocating for a secular Uganda free from religious bigotry, fake tradition, beliefs, superstition and myths which lacks evidence to human development.
  • BIZOHA is building a firm foundation based on formulating scientific research findings into action. We look at nature as a provider of all what man needs in interdependence relationship, hence scientific knowledge is required to make the world a better place to live in. It has a membership of individuals who subscribe to the values of humanism critical thinking and secularism.


BIZOHA hopes to open up a skills learning for vulnerable young mothers with hands on skills in areas of aquaculture, organic farming techniques and animal rearing, while emphasizing the importance of education humanism and values.


Change the World to be a better place for Women and enable Women in their unique capacity to change the World.


Uplifting and advocating women rights for community members through humanism advocacy, capacity building, awareness and women empowerment.

  • To promote humanism and secularism awareness.
  • Appropriate technology trainings, environmental and nature conservation and protection.
  • To empower the most vulnerable young mothers with knowledge and skills for active participation in income generating activities.
  • General Economic activities in Rural and urban community development to fight hunger and poverty in the area.
  • Advocacy for young single mothers, children, disabled for equal, opportunities to all.
  • Sustainable agriculture and improved farming methods and value addition.
  • Savings and credit culture for future planning and investment.


Persons eligible for registration as members shall have the following qualities:

  • Young single mothers and vulnerable women members and any other persons of relevant qualities.
  • Shall be young mothers ages of 16-30 years of age and above.
  • Pay membership fees of 5,000= (Five thousands Uganda shillings only)
  • Eligible to pay annual subscription fees as may be determined by the board of directors/trustees.