HV objects to religious exemptions from a number of anti-discrimination laws. It has opposed the capacity of religious schools to discriminate against students or staff on the basis of gender.
The Australian Government has proposed the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items,in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020, which “amends the Migration Act 1958 to: enable the minister to determine, by legislative instrument, […]
The Humanist Society of Victoria (HSV) regularly makes submissions to various responsible bodies, including Senate Committees, Royal Commissions and Government policy reviews. HSV also communicates humanist concerns to politicians of […]
An important activity of Humanist Society of Victoria is the making of submissions to various responsible bodies, communicating the Humanist view on social issues and policies, as formulated by the members at specially convened discussion meetings.
HSV Submissions – February 2016 Religious Freedom Roundtable Submitted 18 February 2016 to Religious Freedom Roundtable, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Preface We agree with Chapter 3 of the […]