Empowering young people and civil society organizations to resist misinformation and disinformation. Educational resources will be co-designed with youth, to prepare them for engaging with online content.
Promoting a public pledge for homes and businesses will lead to government assistance to electrify their premises.
The Secular Spiritual Care Network (SSCN) aims to develop qualified secular spiritual carers to serve the needs of non-believers in various settings.
Since 2017, the Humanist Society of Victoria (HSV) has been working to provide secular spiritual support to people in need. Progressing beyond the initial placement of humanist pastoral carers in hospitals, HSV is now designing and implementing a system for vetting, accrediting and placing secular pastoral carers.
Secular spiritual care, as with religiously affiliated spiritual care, is a way of providing emotional-existential support to a person in crisis usually caused by illness, transition, trauma, or loss. Often […]