Providing an avenue for people who have left or are considering leaving their religion to develop friendships and tap into resources that will help them on their journey through a life without religion.
Conducting a variety of ceremonies for the humanist-minded that are not religious in nature. Ceremonies that humanist celebrants officiate include weddings, funerals, baby namings, reaffirmation of marriage vows, coming of age ceremonies, divorce ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and milestone ceremonies.
HV supports Human Rights Law Centre in designing an Australian Charter of Human Rights, which will help protect Indigenous communities and people with disability.
HV supports Cultivating Community which helps disadvantaged communities create secure food systems and brings together survivors of domestic violence to cook, bake and talk together.
HV supports Law & Advocacy Centre for Women to create pathways out of the justice system for socially and economically disadvantaged or vulnerable women who have been charged with criminal offences.