In August 2021, there will be a census to collect vital data about the Australian people. In the last census 30% of people marked ‘No Religion’. But we know that this figure should be much higher. Join our campaign, 'Census 2021 – Not religious? Mark "No Religion"'.
The Victorian Civil & Adminstrative Tribunal requires the State Education Department publicly to concede that school chaplains can be 'of any faith or no faith'. Humanist Society of Victoria played an important role in identifying a plaintiff for the case.
In 2015, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) introduced two new capabilities into the Victorian curriculum. Integrated into this new curriculum is teaching students about world views and religions in a more impartial and non-doctrinal way. HSV formed an Education sub-committee tasked with aiding VCAA in developing the required materials for teaching about Humanism.
Humanist Society of Victoria joined with Progressive Atheists to help an atheist blogger, listed for deportation to Bangladesh where he was under threat of death, to find resettlement in Germany.
Since 2006, the Humanist Society of Victoria has been advocating for the removal of religious privilege in the Federal Government's National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). Recent legal challenges forced changes to the program, but the battle continues.