What is Humanism?

Humanism is a way of life that values human flourishing, freedom and the pursuit of knowledge.

Humanists accept that we are responsible for our own futures and that this life is the only life we have.

It is up to all of us to make the most of it and to help others do the same.

Humanists inspire us to use our power of reason and our natural feeling of compassion to help create a better world in which each of us can reach our full potential.

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Statement of Purposes

Humanist Society of Victoria Inc. is registered under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 as Association A0020272M.

The Statement of Purposes of the Society are:

  1. To help create a civil society in which people can lead an ethical and fulfilling life, relying co-operatively on reason, ingenuity, creativity and compassion, free from supernatural beliefs. This philosophical approach to life respects the dignity of every individual and is called Humanism.
  2. To work on behalf of non-religious people in Victoria who seek to lead an ethical life.
  3. To support the human rights and civil liberties of individuals and groups, especially those experiencing discrimination.
  4. To promote secular education as a means of helping peoples of different beliefs to live harmoniously together.

Revised 22 November 2018

National and International Links

Humanists Victoria is part of a nationwide and international movement of humanistic-minded groups. Nationally, Humanists Victoria is an affiliate of Humanists Australia.

Humanists Australia is a member of the global organization, Humanists International. This non-governmental organisation is accredited with the United Nations, advocating for the interests of freethinkers, secularists and humanists at the global level.