This item lists celebrants who are known to the Humanist Society; the Society itself cannot yet conduct weddings.

Judy Watt & John Shilliday [Melb]

Tel. (03) 9421 2052, Mob. 0413 185 065

Dally Messenger III [Melb]

Tel. (03) 9419 0460, Mob. 0411 717 303

Ilsa Rand [Heathcote]

Tel. (03) 5433 2335

Lyn Knorr [Woodend]

Tel. (03) 5427 4605, Mob. 0412 987 899

Dawn Dickson [Cranbourne North]

Tel. (03) 5995 6358, Mob. 0412 613 853

Nola Coulthurst [Merricks North] Tel. (03) 5989 7177, Mob. 0428 897 228
Judy Peiris [Vermont]

Tel. (03) 9874 1965, Mob. 04 1732 2173

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3 Responses to Celebrants

  1. edLucena says:

    “Currently, Humanist societies around Australia are considering the: a>how Humanism can best serve Australia for the next 50 years /and /b>are actively discussing the ways we may need to change or, c>where our efforts and focus should be?
    and I notice that: “the(CAHS) was established in 1965, w/ Queensland, after a name change, joined in 1967 to form a national body”.
    In what terms you measure your success(or otherwise). Does happiness play a role, and in what terms you measure that? (sorry I’m an engineer so ‘indicators’ do play a role to my mind)…ta,ed.

    • SNS says:

      The aim of building a whole society where people live happily free from supernatural beliefs is hard to track, and progress is due to many factors. The aim of representing the interests of humanists in society can be measured simply by membership numbers, which are currently in decline across Australia.

  2. Amala Groom says:

    Hi, I am writing for a copy of your submission to the Freedom of speech (Repeal of S. 18C) Bill 2014. I am collating all the submissions and making them public in an art show that I am doing as a response to the proposed amendments. Thanking you in advance. Amala

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