HSV Submissions Archive 1980 to 1989

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Parliament House in Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryAn important activity of Humanist Society of Victoria is the making of submissions to various responsible bodies, communicating the Humanist view on social issues and policies, as formulated by the members at specially convened discussion meetings. Usually it is in response to public calls for submissions, sometimes our members provide the impetus. The Humanist Society of Victoria has been doing this work at least since 1973. This is a list of our submissions of recent years.

The titles of a series of submissions on a single issue are appended (1), (2), (3), etc.
A short note on a submission is accessed by clicking on the note number in [square] brackets.

Year Title Recipient Jurisdiction
1989 Violence on Television Australian Broadcasting Tribunal
Reproductive Technology: Records, Information National Bioethics Consultative Committee
Inquiry into Violence National Committee on Violence ACT
Review of Embryo Experimentation “Post Syngamy” Standing Review and Advisory Committee on Infertility
Review of the Equal Opportunity Act (Paper No. 17) Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
Green Spot Scheme, Interim Report Ministry for Planning and Environment VIC
The Social Responsibilities of Commonwealth Statutory Authorities and Government Business Enterprises Joint Parliament Committee of Public Accounts FED
Surrogacy The National Bioethics Consultative Committee
1988 Informed Consent to Medical Treatment Australian Law Reform Commission, Victorian Law Reform Commission, N.S.W. Law Reform Commission FED/VIC/NSW
Inquiry into Community Violence Social Development Committee Victoria VIC
Unemployed: Income Support Minister for Social Security FED
Sexual Offences Against Children Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
Homicide Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
Drugs, Crime and Society Committee on Crime Authority FED
Priorities for Reform in Higher Education Senate Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training FED
Community Involvement of Retired Persons House of Representatives Standing Committee on Community Affairs FED
1987 Constitutional Reform Commonwealth Commission on Constitution Reform FED
Multicultural Council: Roles and Priorities Department of the Prime Minister FED
Immigration Policy Committee to Advise on Australia’s Immigration Policies FED
Health Issues Victorian Minister for Health VIC
1986 Criminal Assault in the Home View PDF … Women’s Policy Coordination Unit, Department of the Premier and Cabinet VIC
Evidence Reform (Unsworn Statements) Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
The Human Embryo Experimentation Bill 1985 Senate Standing Committee FED
Criminal Records Australian Law Reform Commission VIC
Victims of Crime Victorian Legal and Constitutional Committee VIC
Options for Dying with Dignity Victorian Social Development Committee VIC
Social Education Education Department VIC
Human Rights in Victoria Legal and Constitutional Committee VIC
1985 Inquiry into Prostitution Victorian Government VIC
Australian Studies in Tertiary Education Education Department ACT
Religion in Population Census Australian Bureau of Statistics
Health Promotion and Education Health Department VIC
Multicultural Education Naccme – Education Department FED
Education of Gifted and Talented Children Education Department FED
1984 IVF The WaIler Committee FED
Contempt of Court Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
Intoxication and Criminal Responsibility Victorian Law Reform Commission VIC
1983 Conscientious Objections FED
1982 Prayers The Speaker, House of Assembly VIC