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An important activity of HSV is the making of submissions to various responsible bodies, communicating the Humanist view on social issues and policies, as formulated by the members at specially convened discussion meetings. Usually it is in response to public calls for submissions, sometimes our members provide the impetus. HSV has been doing this work at least since 1973. This is a list of our submissions of recent years.

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Abbreviations used

ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission
ACOSS Australian Council of Social Service
AMA Australian Medical Association
ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
ATSI Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander
CAHS Council of Australian Humanist Societies
GTEC Gene Technology Ethics Committee
HR House of Representatives (Australian Parliament)
LC Legislative Council (State Parliament)
NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council
SBS Special Broadcasting Service
Year Topic Recipient Federal(A) or State
2011 Religious instruction in government primary schools, I All Victorian government primary school councils   V
Anti-discrimination exemptions, I Attorney General Clark   V
Bullying in Australia Prime Minister Gillard A
Chaplains in State schools Minister for Education Garrett A
Funding for schooling Dept of Education A
Organ donation Legal & Social Issues Ctee   V
Education of gifted & talented students Education & Training Ctee   V
Anti-discrimination exemptions, II Attorney General Clark   V
Same-sex marriage Prime Minister Gillard A
Charter of Human Rights & Responsibilities Act Scrutiny of Acts & Regulations Ctee   V
Seeking (online) community opinion on sentencing Attorney General Clark   V
Sentencing Attorney General Clark   V
Religious instruction in government primary schools, II All Victorian government primary school councils   V
Ethical behaviour Aust. Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Authority A
Detention of asylum seekers Joint Select Committee on Immigration Detention A
Registration of Brenan Hall Heritage Victoria   V
Constitutional recognition of First Australians Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition A
Anti-discrimination law Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commissioner   V
2010 Public housing in Victoria Family & Community Developt Ctee   V
Education in Victoria Ministers for Education A&V
Racism Prime Minister, Premier, Attorneys General A&V
National bill of rights Prime Minister A
Asylum seekers policy Prime Minister A
Appointing judicial officers Dept Justice   V
Dying with dignity Ten Victorian Senators A
Indigenous inclusion in Australian Constitution Prime Minister Gillard A
Commissioner for children Legal & Constitutional Ctee, Senate A
2009 Freedom of religion and belief Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
Review of ABC and SBS Dept Broadband, Communi­cations & Digital Economy A
National human rights consultation Attorney General A
Security legislation amendments Attorney General A
Affordable social housing Minister for Housing A
Equal opportunity for women in the workplace Aust. Office for Women A
Anti-discrimination exemptions Attorney General   V
Patentable matter: options Advisory Council on Intellectual Property A
Inquiry into suicide in Australia Community Affairs References Ctee, Senate A
Corporate school funding Minister for Education   V
2008 Census Aust. Bureau of Statistics A
National bill of rights Attorney General A
The education revolution Minister for Education A
Euthanasia Laws Repeal Bill Legal & Constitutional Ctee, Senate A
Violence against women & children Dept of Families, Housing, Community Services A
What should be patentable Advisory Council on Intellectual Property A
2007 Genocide in Darfur Prime Minister, Min. Foreign Affairs A
Humanitarian Program 2007–8 Dept Immigration A
Climate change Minister for Environment A
Access card (1) Minister Human Services   V
Ethics in assisted reproduction NHMRC A
Emergency action on child abuse in N.T. (ACOSS) Minister Indigenous Affairs A
Community organisations Dept Victorian Communities   V
Access card (2) Dept Human Services   V
Performance pay for teachers Minister for Education A
Cluster bombs Minister for Foreign Affairs A
Decriminalisation of Abortion Bill Attorney General, MPs   V
Abortion law reform Law Reform Commission   V
2006 Humanitarian program 2006–7 Dept Immigration A
Use of RU486 Members of Parliament A
Ethical principles for gene technology GTEC Secretariat A
Ethical conduct in human research NHMRC A
Ethics in organ donation after death NHMRC A
Equity of access to education Min. Education, Science & Training A
Ethics of living tissue/organs donation NHMRC A
Stem cell research: Lockhart review Community Affairs Ctee A
Chaplains in government schools Minister for Education A
2005 Ethical guidelines in biotechnology 1 Dept Human Services   V
Humanitarian program 2005–6 Dept Immigration &c. A
ATSIC Amendment Bill 2004 Select Ctee, Senate A
Corporal punishment of children Law Reform Commission   V
Ethics of research on humans NHMRC A
Ethical guidelines in biotechnology 2 Dept Human Services   V
Review of education laws in Victoria Min. Education & Training   V
Human rights charter for Victoria Human Rights Consultation Ctee   V
ASIO Amendment Act 2005 Premier, Attorney-General   V
Ethics in gene technology Dept Human Services   V
Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005 (supplementary) Legal & Constitutional Legislation Ctee, Senate A
Victorian Human Rights Charter recommendations Dept Justice   V
2004 Humanitarian program 2004–5 Dept Immigration &c. A
Ethical aspects of xeno-transplantation Health Ethics Section, NHMRC A
Victorian Aboriginal justice agreement Dept Justice   V
Administration of Aboriginal Affairs Select Ctee, Senate A
Civil Union & Relationship Bill Justice & Electoral Ctee   NZ
Commercial confidentiality in government Attorney General A
2003 Humanitarian program 2003–4 Dept Immigration A
Ethics in stem cell propagation Dept Human Services   V
National health privacy code Aust. Health Ministers Council A
ASIO powers Bill Legal & Constitutional Ctee, Senate A
Human Rights Commision Bill Legal & Constitutional Ctee, Senate A
The growing rich/poor divide Community Affairs Legislation Ctee, Senate A
Census 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics A
Tertiary education funding & equity of access Minister for Education A
Changes to Medicare Select Ctee on Medicare, Senate A
Definition of a charity Board of Taxation A
Rights of same-sex couples Prime Minister A
MedicarePLUS proposals Select Ctee on Medicare, Senate A
Senate reform (S 57, Constitution) Dept Prime Minister & Cabinet A
2002 Migration & humanitarian program Dept Immigration A
Religion, diversity & social cohesion Aust. Multicultural Foundation A
Revision of ethical issues in organ donation NHMRC A
Higher education review Dept Education, Science & Training A
Oaths & affirmations in court Parliament   V
Issues of aging Standing Ctee on Aging, HR A
Cloning & stem cell research Legislation Ctee, Senate A
Funding for Radio Australia Chairman, ABC A
Aboriginal health research guidelines NHMRC A
2001 Definition of charities &c. Dept Treasury A
Racial & religious tolerance legislation Dept Premier & Cabinet   V
Victorian youth strategy Dept Education, Employment & Training   V
National privacy guidelines Privacy Commissioner A
Ethical guidelines on assisted reproductive technology NHMRC A
2000 The stolen generation Legal & Constitutional References Ctee, Senate A
New South Wales bill of rights Ctee on Law & Justice, LC   NSW
Responsible gaming Dept Treasury & Finance   V
Interim report on welfare reform Reference Group on Welfare Reform A
Northern Territory mandatory jailing Office of Chief Minister   NT
Safe injecting facilities Dept Human Services   V
Health records bill Dept Human Services   V
Essential services Essential Services Commission   V
Availability of RU-486 Minister for Health A
Asylum seekers Prime Minister, Min. for Immigration A
1999 Freedom of religion & belief Human Rights SubCtee, HR A
Independence & integrity of ABC Office of Prime Minister A
Inquiry into human cloning Ctee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs, HR A
Declaration & strategies for reconciliation Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation A
Welfare reform review Dept Family & Community Services A
1998 Census 2001 (via CAHS) A
Youth homelessness Dept Prime Minister & Cabinet A
Research on human subjects I Aust. Health Ethics Ctee A
Research on human subjects II Aust. Health Ethics Ctee A
1997 Suicide prevention Suicide Prevention Task Force   V
Right to believe Human Rights Commissioner A
South Australia voluntary euthanasia bill Parliamentary Select Ctee on Voluntary Euthanasia   SA
Native Title (Wik) Joint Parliamentary Ctee on Wik A
Aboriginal reconciliation Min. ATSI Affairs A
Constitutional convention on republic Dept Prime Minister & Cabinet A
1996 Homeless youth Prime Minister A
Portrayal of violence Dept Communications & Arts A
Organ retrieval and donation Aust. Ministers Advisory Council A
Adult and community education Ctee on Education & Training, Senate A
Draft guidelines on assisted reproductive technology Aust. Health Ethics Ctee A
Review of ABC Mansfield Inquiry on ABC A
Voluntary euthanasia and abortion Min. Health & Family Services A
Sentencing Community Council Against Violence   V
Euthanasia laws bill Legal & Constitutional Legislation Ctee, Senate A
Research on human subjects Aust. Health Ethics Ctee A
1995 World population conference, Cairo Sen. Nick Bolkus A
Workforce of the future Standing Ctee on Long-term Strategies, HR A
Schools of the future, Victoria Minister for Education A
Medical assistance in voluntary euthanasia President, AMA   –
Illicit drug use in Victoria Drug Advisory Council   V


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