HSV Statement of Purposes, November 2001,
registered under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

A. To help create a civil society in which people can lead satisfying and fulfilling lives, relying on human compassion, creativity, ingenuity and reason, free from supernatural beliefs. This human centred, philosophical and scientific approach is called Humanism.

B. To organise public lectures, discussions and conferences.

C. To provide a social support network for Society members.

D. To support the human rights and civil liberties of individuals and groups, especially those experiencing discrimination.

E. To promote secular education as a means of helping peoples of different beliefs to live harmoniously together.

F. To advocate ethical decision making and responsibility for one’s actions, based on respect for individual autonomy, peaceful coexistence between peoples of differing ways of life, and the maintenance of a sustainable environment.

G. To administer the Humanist Education Trust.

H. To publish a regular newsletter and other material that promotes Humanism.

I. To express humanist values in submissions and representations to governments, parliaments, royal commissions, tribunals and other public inquiries.

J. To maintain a library of resource material for members and other inquirers.

K. To undertake other related activities appropriate for furthering Humanism.

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