To specific questions in the [government] survey on The Education State, HSV responded as follows.

  • Parental involvement is needed to promote students’ engagement with education. If special religious instruction were supplanted by general religious education, the community’s social cohesion would be well served. Practical ethics taught at both primary and secondary level would be of great value in fostering independent thinking, the ability to empathise with others in our multicultural society, and resolve hostilities among themselves.
  • (On expectations of change) Education will be recognised as a right and common good. Private and government schools will offer equal standards. Schools will not compete but will engender the spirit of egalitarianism. Today’s shameful inequities will disappear and students with disabilities or disadvantages will be funded with extra subsidies as is done in Finland.
  • The government can raise the teacher status and remuneration. Also provide extra training for primary teachers to enable them to detect and assist with early learning difficulties. Schools could be subsidised for the cost of books and other extras parents cannot afford.

Halina Strnad

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