Religious instruction in Australian government schools

The Education Acts of all Australian States and Territories permit religious instruction during regular school hours but details differ. The table below is believed accurate as at 22 April 2013, but checking, together with enquiry into the actual implementation in each jurisdiction, is highly desirable.

Table displaying regulation of religious instruction by Australian State and Territory

Additional Notes

Queensland state school religious instruction. According to Hugh Wilson, Treasurer, Humanist Society of Queensland, it is difficult to “provide the required nuance” in a table and the complicated process of classifying those children of parents who don’t want RI is better described in a religious instruction chart, together with Hugh Wilson’s summary. The two forms that the Queensland Education Department sends to non-RI participating parents are Parent Notice – Religion Identified and Parent Notice – Religion Not Identified, respectively.

Read a description (May 2013) of the Victorian state school special religious instruction program and download the GC 566 enrolment form.

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