On recent threats to the independence of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), HSV made the following points to the Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications. (Copy to PM.)

a) Humanists regard independent, professional reporting agencies as one of the hall-marks of a democracy.

b) Investigative journalism by the ABC contributes to civilizing social attitudes in Australia.

c) ABC FM Radio brings music broadcast to audiences who do not have access to live concerts.

d) With the majority of media outlets owned or controlled by commercial interests, the independence of the ABC is an important counter source of news and information.

e) We expressed concern over

i) continued funding cuts,

ii) the proposed reduction in ABC FM radio program,

iii) attempts to control internal pay and staffing arrangements of ABC,

iv) the appointment of a known critic of the ABC, Mr Josh Faulks to the Board.

    Many thanks to Halina Strnad for putting these points together.

Rosslyn Ives

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