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Vale – Dr Harry Gardner (15 Jan 1927 – 18 Feb 2018)

Photo of Harry Gardner1 Mar 2018 – Harry Gardner was a long-time and very active HSV member. He was a committee member in the 1970s, serving as President in 1973. At that time, he played a key role in advocating for the removal of religious instruction from state schools. Although humanists were unsuccessful on this matter in the 1970s, experience from that time fed into a further successful campaign in the 2000s. Harry spearheaded this renewed action by creating ethical education lessons, which he promoted with passion and vigour. His activity was undoubtedly influential in leading to the State government removing Special Religious instruction from classroom time and setting up the study area, ‘World Religions and other World Beliefs’, including Humanism. Harry’s work on ethical education earned him the award of Outstanding Humanist Achiever in 2012.
Having been diagnosed with cancer, Harry had a very personal interest in the availability of legalised voluntary euthanasia. So, when the Andrews government signalled its intent to legalise physician-assisted dying, Harry was galvanised into action. During 2017, he personally visited nearly 50 Victorian MPs to argue that they should vote for physician-assisted dying or VAD Bill. His personal approach persuaded quite a few MPs who were wavering to vote ‘yes’.

Humanism in England

1 Mar 2018 – HSV is entering into fraternal communication with North Yorkshire Humanists, following the visit to Melbourne in December by Professor John Adams of Harrogate. We shall swap Humanist news and encourage mutual visits. So, if a Victorian Humanist finds herself in York or Harrogate, she should remember she is among friends and seek them out. Committee will let you know if a visit from North Yorkshire is imminent.