NSW has recently begun a trial of Ethics classes in 10 NSW public schools as an alternative for students who do not participate in special religious education (aka SRE or Scripture).  Up to 80% in some schools.

All MP’s have been inundated with emails against this proposal (over 2000 in the last month). These emails are being generated by the Australian Christian Lobby via the Save Our Scripture Website. They have also launched a petition against the trial.

For all the information on the trial, please see Ethics class trial at the St James Ethics Centre website. The St James Ethics Centre has no political or religious affiliations, for more detail, see their website.

What you can do

“Dear Minister, Please approve the pilot!”

We need supporters of the ethics trial to stand up. We know that there is strong support for the teaching of ethics in NSW public schools. If you support the trial, now is the time to let our leaders know about it.

Supporting the ethics trial, a clickable checklist

  1. Email NSW Education Minister Verity Firth
  2. Print Penny Sharpe’s parliamentary petition and have all your friends sign it
  3. Join our mailing list to keep up with the latest developments
  4. See other groups supporting the ethics trial
  5. Submit this page to facebook
  6. Tell all your friends!

Sourced from http://www.reasonmakesadifference.net/campaigns/ethics-trial, please click here to find out more about this campaign.

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