April 2015. To the Victorian Premier, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, and his deputy and Education Minister, James Merlino, we pointed out that the State has no responsibility to fund the operation of religious organisations in schools. They should be financed separately from any government funds and their involvement be approved by the school council.

Geoff Allshorn, Halina Strnad & Stephen Stuart

July 2015. Responding to an HSV letter on funding religious instruction in schools (see above), the Minister for Education, Hon. James Merlino, assures us that the Andrews Labor government is not providing funding to SRI agencies. The Andrews government as a priority is trying to ensure that no proselytizing occurs in Victorian state schools. It recognises the importance of knowledge about religion in a multi-faith society; thus it is important that a range of belief structures are explored in classrooms by qualified teachers, as part of a rigorous and balanced curriculum.

Halina Strnad

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