We wrote to the Victorian Premier, his deputy and the Attorney-General requesting that the law on the following matters be amended.

(a) Abolish mandatory sentencing which prevents the consideration of individual and extenuating circumstances. We asked that suspended sentences be restored to honour judiciary independence.

(b) Withdraw funding for Special Religious Instruction; we believe these services should be privately funded and delivered outside the school. We welcomed the stated aim of the Education Minister to oversee SRI instructors to ensure that they do not proselytize or induce conversions to any particular religion.

(c) Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) dealing with the rights of the terminally ill, to be referred to the Victorian Law Commission to review the Medical Treatment Act 1988. VAD has now been introduced in many jurisdictions and it has consistent support of 75–85% of Australians.

Geoff Allshorn, Halina Strnad & Stephen Stuart

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